Jamal Temsamani

Drug Development and Corporate

Dr. Jamal Temsamani has over 20 years’ experience in the management of R&D and the development of academic partnerships and research collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry, notably in the field of drug delivery using peptide vectors.

Ph.D. in molecular biology (University of Montpellier, FR), post-doc at the Worcester Foundation For Experimental Biology (MA, USA).

Dr. Temsamani joined IDERA Pharmaceuticals (MA, USA), where he served as Associate-Director and then as Director of the Discovery group. Then, held several positions, including as Vice President of R&D at Synt:em and CLL Pharma.

Dr. Jamal Temsamani has a strong scientific expertise in the field of pharmacology and preclinical development.

He has published more than 60 scientific articles and is co-inventor of 40 patents.