Pr. Jean-Michel SCHERRMANN, PharmD, PhD

Pr. Scherrmann, PharmD, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, currently Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Paris-Descartes University and previous head of the joint research unit (Inserm705-CNRS8206) "Neuropsychopharmacology of addiction."


Pr. Jean-Michel Scherrmann, PharmD, PhD, INSERM U705, is Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, at Paris Descartes University (Paris V) and Professor and Chair at the Department of Pharmacokinetics. He is a specialist in analytical radiochemistry and has made major contributions in the development of drug radioimmunoassay, drug detoxification by immunotherapy and drug redistribution concepts in pharmacokinetics.

He pioneered the first clinical application of colchicine immunotherapy in acute colchicine overdoses and is now focusing his research on the role of drug transporters in neuropharmacokinetics and on drug targeting and drug delivery strategies to the brain. His work has resulted in two patents, 290 scientific articles, 35 books chapters and more than 250 presentations.

He has served on the editorial boards of several journals in the analytical and pharmaceutical sciences. He has mentored over 30 postgraduate and 44 doctoral students.

Pr. Scherrmann has been a recipient of the 1992 American Academy of Clinical Toxicology Award and the 1999 French National Academy of Medicine Achievement Award. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and a member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy.

Pr. Scherrmann is the former Director of a large INSERM Neuropsychopharmacology laboratory (presently INSERM UMR-S 1144), the only one in France and one of the rare in the world to develop in situ brain perfusion techniques, in particular in mice, for the evaluation of neuropharmacokinetics, transport and distribution in the CNS, of xenobiotics and biologics.

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