Vect-Horus has developed a mixed business model, based on its proprietary VECTrans® technology both to develop an internal pipeline of products and to make its technology platform available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology company partners.
Internal Pipeline: Vect-Horus is building a pipeline of proprietary drug candidates to be developed internally or co-developed with a partner. These products will be developed up to preclinical or early clinical trials and then subsequently out-licensed to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. One theragnostic agent RMX-VH-GBM co-developed with RADIOMEDIX is already in clinical trials. .
R&D and licensing agreements with industrial partners: Vect-Horus seeks to develop the broad potential of its proprietary VECTrans® technology platform through research collaborations and licensing agreements in multiple therapeutic applications. The Company is currently involved in a dozen collaborations including three licensing agreements (Novo Nordisk, RadioMedix, etc.).