Vect-Horus has developed a mixed business model, based on its proprietary VECTrans® technology both to develop an internal pipeline of products and to make its technology platform available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology company partners.
Internal Pipeline: Vect-Horus is building a pipeline of proprietary drug candidates to be developed internally (or co-developed for theranostic agents) to preclinical or early clinical trials. These products will be subsequently out-licensed to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
R&D and licensing agreements with industrial partners: Vect-Horus seeks to develop the broad potential of its proprietary VECTrans® technology platform through research collaborations and licensing agreements in multiple therapeutic applications. In such research collaboration, Vect-Horus retains all intellectual rights on the vectors and their improvements and share the industrial property rights on the vectorization of the partner’s molecule. The partner is endowed with exclusive rights to develop and commercialize the New Chemical Entity (NCE), and non-exclusive rights onto the associated vectors, in exchange for license revenues.