Horus means « the one above » and is an egyptian symbol of protection and recovery that VECT-HORUS ambitions for its vectors and conjugates. VECT-HORUS has become a major player in the field of drug delivery technologies of therapeutics and diagnostics by designing and developing vectors. The company opens new avenues in the treatment and imaging of CNS diseases and cancers thanks to its cutting-edge expertise in each of the strategic following development steps:

  • Vector discovery
    • Identification and validation of target receptors involved in RMT
    • Screening and vector identification
  • Vector and conjugate development
    • Chemistry, vector optimisation
    • Chemical coupling of drugs and imaging agents using different conjugation strategies
    • Genetic engineering of biomolecules
  • In vitro BBB models & transport studies
    • Screening of drugs and vectorized-drugs across BBB models based on rodent and human iPSCs cells
    • Binding, endocytosis and intracellular traficking
  • Pharmacology & in vivo studies
    • Pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in various organs
    • Efficacy in animal models (CNS diseases, in particular neurodegenerative diseases and cancer models)

VECT-HORUS was identified by the CNRS as one of the 15 success stories among 1,000 spin-offs from its laboratories and received the Frost & Sullivan 2016 Leadership award for its VECTrans® innovative technology.