VECT-HORUS, a biotechnology company that designs and develops vectors that facilitate the targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules and imaging agents, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with CERIMED (European Centre for Research in Medical Imaging) to support the preclinical development of VECT-HORUS’ theragnostic agents.

CERIMED, also based in the Timone Aix-Marseille University Campus, has expertise in medical imaging techniques (PET, SPECT, etc.) and provides a complete platform of in vivo preclinical and clinical imaging entirely dedicated to R&D of innovative clinical imaging tools.

VECT-HORUS is co-developing with RADIOMEDIX (Tx, USA) one agent which will enter clinical trials in 2021 for the diagnosis of glioblastoma. VECT-HORUS also pursues the investigations on its other theragnostic candidates targeting the Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor, which has been shown to be expressed at high levels in some tumours, including pancreatic tumours.

“CERIMED offers a wide range of services in medical imaging, and we are tremendously pleased to work with them. This partnership is fully aligned with our strategy to collaborate with Regional Centers and to expand the use of our VECTrans® technology in the theragnostic field,” said Jamal Temsamani, Ph.D., Director of Drug Development of VECT-HORUS.

“CERIMED is very proud to announce the initiation of this collaboration with VECT-HORUS. The respective expertise of VECT-HORUS and CERIMED makes this consortium a major asset in the development of new theragnostic approaches to oncological pathology” said Pr Benjamin Guillet, director of CERIMED, head of radiopharmaceutical department of Marseille University Hospital and of Drug Department of Pharmacy faculty of Aix-Marseille University.

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