Vect-Horus Strengthens its Scientific Advisory Board with
the Appointment of Dr. Julia Alterman

Marseille, March 22, 2022 - Vect-Horus, a biotechnology company that designs and develops vectors that facilitate the targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules and imaging agents, today announced the appointment of Julia Alterman to its scientific advisory board.

Dr Alterman is currently an Assistant Professor at the RNA Therapeutics Institute, UMass Chan Medical School, where she focuses on siRNA chemical modification for extra-hepatic delivery. Julia received her Ph.D. from UMass Med where she focused on oligonucleotide chemical and structural design and CNS pharmacology. Prior to joining the faculty, Julia spent 7 years in positions at Atalanta Therapeutics, Anchor Therapeutics and Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals. She is a leading authority on siRNA chemical design for target specific delivery and has published many peer-reviewed articles and holds several patents in the fields of oligonucleotide chemical biology and pharmacology.
Jamal Temsamani, Director of Drug Development of Vect-Horus commented, “We are pleased to welcome Julia Alterman to our Scientific Advisory Board. Her track record in siRNAs will be invaluable to Vect-Horus as we continue to expand the use of our VECTRans® technology to the delivery of RNA therapeutics.”

"During the past year, the development of nucleic acids has made important advances. With the addition of Dr. Alterman, our SAB now has a tremendous level of scientific expertise that will be instrumental in advancing our programs." said Alexandre Tokay, CEO and co-founder of Vect-Horus.

“I am very excited to be joining the scientific advisory board of Vect-Horus. Even in the wake of recent successes for oligonucleotides in the clinic, extrahepatic delivery remains a major hurdle to the broader application of this therapeutic modality. Vect-Horus’ technology offers a novel approach to target complex tissues that, combined with advancements in siRNA chemistry, could offer new treatment strategies for previously undruggable genetic diseases” commented Julia Alterman.

Vect-Horus develops vectors that facilitate targeting of therapeutic or imaging agents to organs. Vect-Horus combines these different agents to its vectors that specifically target various receptors, allowing these agents to cross natural barriers, which limit their access to their targets. The proof of concept of the technology has already been established in animal models using different vectorized molecules. Created in 2005, Vect-Horus is a spin-off of the Institute for Neurophysiopathology (UMR7051, CNRS and Aix Marseille University), headed by Dr Michel Khrestchatisky, co-founder. To learn more Vect-Horus, visit Contact: